Martínez Marcos Marcos is committed to Social Responsibility and Sustainability of the Environment.  Both the company and its employees have a proactive focus on fulfilling and resolving all of the needs that pertain to this area. 

We understand the impact our business has on the environment derived from the activities we carry out for transportation, as well as washing stations.That’s the reason why we are always looking for better ways to manage and optimize all possible solutions in order to reduce the amount of Co2 emissions. 

Below we have provided a list with some of the initiatives we carry out in order to improve in whatever way possible the environment. 

  • We invest in the latest technology for our vehicles by buying Euro6 motors that emit less contamination.
  • We have a recycling system implanted for our used tires.
  • Our fleet of 200 vehicles has a GPS system installed in each truck so we are able to locate them and be more precise with their itinerary therefore reducing the use of fuel.
  • In our fuel tanks we use, Diesel Exhaust Fluid (AdBlue), along with our our regular fuel which is a system that purifies the gases and protects the environment using diluted urea. We are able to use this with the vehicles that have motors Euro5 and Euro6 which greatly reduces the emissions of CO2 and the risk of disease to humans.
  • We are part of different programs aimed at controlling the disposal of plastics to the sanitation network.
  • Our washing stations have their own generator therefore allowing them to be self-sufficient for electricity and to take advantage of the heat generated to warm the water for cleaning.