Martínez Marcos is a leader in Spain in bulk transportation

To achieve this, we have invested in practical knowledge and in updating the fleet with modern trucks and bulk trailers that are specialized in the treatment of different products.

We provide different types of solutions for the transportation needs of our customers.
Being able to provide service in regional, national and international transport.
For this we have a large network in these areas with good combinations of capacity, knowledge, security and technology that allow goods and products to arrive efficiently where they are needed.

Our performance in all these markets is strong and we have processes, protocols and training underway so that both our team of drivers and our management team are always connected and can resolve any issue at all times. Martínez Marcos thus manages to carry out an efficient and safe bulk transport.

  • Regional / Short-Haul (Castilla y León)
  • National / Long-Haul (Spain)
  • International / Long-Haul (European Union)

We are fortunate to be able to count on different types of employees when forming our staff: those who have a fixed contract and also external drivers who complete the equipment when it is necessary to increase the number of trucks due to increases in demand or urgent orders.

Our technological system, Navision Financials, allows us to forecast and make optimal decisions based on location and cost analysis.

Our quality team works hand in hand with the operations department and with our clients to ensure we provide customized solutions that meet the quality standards requested by each of our clients.

We have the following quality marks, recognized not only in Spain but also in Europe: ISO, SQAS, GMP +. We work with these standards and follow them to ensure that our customers receive their products and goods safely.

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